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April 15th, 2012, 19:59
Originally Posted by Ithilien View Post
I'm starting to regret my pledge as well, and I can see why people are backing out (or at least reducing their pledges).

Exclusive content for backers, pay more for a "special ability", pay more for DLC like features ("in game DocWagon")… This is the sort of shit you expect from EA, not some insignificant developer.

Look at how Brian Fargo react when asked to do similar stunts. I would probably be better of going back on my pledge to Shadowrun, using the money saved to up my Wasteland pledge.
Ok, look. I need help understanding why this is so evil and bad. I take an economic risk on a product that doesn't exist yet and might conceivably not happen for any number of reasons. Why should I be unhappy that the creator decides to offer me an extra reward or more/special product for taking a risk in supporting him? What in the world is "shit" about this? What makes this worthy of turning your back on the project and (if many many people did the same) ensuring that a shadowrun game would not happen at all?

From my point of view the reaction is way out of proportion and sounds like a really bad hissy fit leftover from Mass Effect. Usually when I see complaints about day-one DLC its fits into a perception that the buyer is being nickel-and-dimed, essentially "cheated" into paying more than they would just buying a single game. But that doesn't fit in here. There's no day-one product available to buyers, just an extra reward for people who took a risk; these aren't the same things. I'm honestly flummoxed and can only guess that you and others looked and said to themselves "the game has been divided more than one piece, evil! EVIL!!!" My word what an overreaction.
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