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April 16th, 2012, 02:48
The AI definitely likes to target healers. Since you already got your cleric in slot 3 instead of the more exposed 1 and 4 slots, I think you'll have to live with him/her getting more attention than you might like . I also believe that undead have a "preference" for clerics and after the tutorial isle you have to fight mostly skellies and undead or no? This will change later on in the game when you fight other critters. Definitely just try to keep your cleric fully buffed at all times with all defensive spells that you have access to etc.

Like in most -especially classic- RPGs magic classes are a bit of a bitch in the beginning but mid/end game you'll have tons of fun just bulldozing all over the game. If you go dark magic in MM7 and get that Armageddon spell near the end you'll remember why I said what I just said .
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