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April 16th, 2012, 17:14
Ok, here are a few early game tips to make combat easier:

1. Fire Aura-put it on every bow and play in turn-based mode. Every character can and should learn the bow skill on Emerald Isle. A single point is all that is necessary for anyone that's not an Archer. This is a level 1 fire spell and sorcerers can learn it from the fire guild there. You will kill all fireflies/dragonflies without taking much damage with this spell.

2. Also, make sure to use the Day of the Gods pedestal every day on Emerald Isle.
There are 3 free skill points to be had for every member of the team by touching the flame on the hill behind the temple.

3. Of Shielding items: There are many random armor treasures in Castle Harmondale junk piles. Save before opening these and reload until you get at least one armor that has the Shielding property. Have the cleric wear this armor. I would suggest getting the cleric chain mail with the shielding spell. It will help immensely against the goblins. Also, beware the junk piles as they cause disease. You will almost always have one character who is unaffected by disease when clicking on the piles. Use that character, preferably with high luck, open all the piles.
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