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April 16th, 2012, 16:18
Originally Posted by bloodlover View Post
Is there a way to see where scrolls and books are placed so I don't have to randomly click the shelves?
Not as far as I know. I usually end up running near book shelves spamming space bar to everything up. At least I think it was space bar, it's been a while.

Originally Posted by bloodlover View Post
How is the money/usefulness ratio in this game? I have around 4k gold right now but I hesitate on spending it on spells and skills.
As far as I recall, skills/spells are the only things worth spending money on the first half of the game or so. It's quite expensive. Especially levelling up at the trainer gets rather expensive if you've gained several levels per character since the last time you visited.

In other words: Don't bother buying equipment during the first half of the game. You'll find what you need.

Originally Posted by bloodlover View Post
edit: How does my thief disarm traps? Do I have to use the skill if I can or he does it automatically?
Traps will highlight as a red area. If it's on the ground, you have to jump over it. If it's on a chest, the character with disarm trap will try to disarm it automatically when you try to open the chest with that particular character. That character must be your selected character at the time. If it fails, it blows up. Otherwise, the trap is disarmed.
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