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April 16th, 2012, 17:50
Okay, another tip: Try to save up and train a handful of levels at a time. Also, try to purchase new skills around the same time. Why? Hirelings. What you want to do is hire merchant and trader NPC's right before training/buying/selling. These two NPCs will save you thousands of gold pieces. NPCs are random, so if you don't find the hirelings you need, just save and reload.

I'm an avid hireling user so I'll show how I play the game. Anytime I'm getting ready to fight a dungeon or clear an area I'll hire an Instructor, Teacher, or Scholar. Some towns (Harmondale is one), will not have instructors, so just go with Teacher and Scholar. Instructor is 700 gold to hire and will give you an extra 15% experience for every kill. Teachers give 10% and cost 300, Scholars give 5% and also give free item identification and cost 500. If you want to save money, don't pick up gold while you have these npcs in your party. Clear an area, pick up any non-gold treasures and let your scholar identify everything, then dump the hirelings and pick up the gold.

If you want to maximize your profits, you can come back to town before picking up all the gold and hire a banker/factor/pirate to replace the experience hirelings. Bankers take 10% of all gold found but give a 20% bonus, giving a 10% interest. Factors take 5% and give 10% and Pirates do the same as factors, but they also shorten boat travel time and decrease party reputation. Only use a Pirate if you're having trouble finding the other two.

Once you've gathered up all the loot and want to sell, dump the experience hirelings or money hirelings and pick up some professional barterers. Merchants give a 6 point increase to all characters merchant skill and traders give a 4 point bonus. You can hire a duper also, but since he lowers reputation he's not as good as a merchant/trader combo. Dupers give an 8 point bonus, but since they lower reputation it ends up only being a 3 point gain instead of 8. Once you have a character with a high merchant skill, you can stop hiring these guys. A grandmaster merchant buys and sells at cost. Also, once you've done a certain quest in Stone City you'll have a great reputation and it'll be a great place to sell. If you have a merchant/trader combo in Stone City, after doing the quest, you'll buy and sell at nearly full price. You can make tons of money, which helps when buying skills, training, etc.

Finally, if you're traveling and want/need to save time hire NPC's that shorten travel times. If you're walking, hire a pathfinder/tracker/guide/explorer. Ships will need navigators/sailors etc.

P.S There are hirelings available for just about every skill, so read about all their abilities and choose those that match your playstyle.

Found a chart:

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