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April 16th, 2012, 18:37
Originally Posted by screeg View Post
I agree that Fargo went wayyy overboard with his boosting. If they could make the game with $1million, I don't think $2million means we're going to get twice the game. On the other hand, everyone is new to the Kickstarter funding model so you have to give him some slack.
Engine development (or the learning curve to use an existing one) probably is going to suck up a mostly-flat chunck of cash per employee while development time scales linearly. It does mean we will be getting somewhere close to twice the man-hours spent developing the game (very roughly) but yeah its hard to map that directly to content production because the complexity of the content along with the amount of it in total (as they have said it will be non-linear) will have a geometric relationship with the amount of time and effort that will be needed for (proper & thorough) quality assurance as well.

Anyways, the extra budget does at least offer a buffer against cost overruns and unforseen obstacles that are almost inevitable in this sort of project. So I see it more as "the more funding, the more likely it will be to actually get made and be worthwhile" rather than "more money = proportionally more game." So yeah I agree with you on that one.
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