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April 16th, 2012, 19:08
Originally Posted by SubBassman View Post
My RPGCodex post:

If enough people heard about the game, funding wouldn't be a problem. (Big Numbers Rule)
A few thousand people can fund any game with a flick of the wrist.

In the meantime we have investigated a bit and realized, kickstarter most probably restrains the no name projects so that people concentrate on big ones (for their 5 percent cut).
In other words, if you look for an rpg KS project in google, the small ones (not just ours) won't ever appear! There was a list of small ones: all of them failed. "What a surprise."

Other pledgers have confirmed this too.

It is very possible that this is part of a bigger scheme that comes from the Big Companies…
If you type Kickstarter RPG in Google then Tortured Hearts won't be on the first page but neither is Wasteland 2.

However, if you type Kickstarter RPG light-hearted then TH is the first link.

If you type Kickstarter RPG non-linear or Kickstarter RPG satirical then the 4th link sends you to the TH video.

In any case, don't blame this on external factors. The timing might be very unfortunate considering the presence of other higher profile RPGs that might overshadow TH but please don't make the mistake of finding excuses and putting blame on others. Otherwise you would most likely repeat the same errors in the next Kickstarter attempt should you be willing to try again in the near-future. And I do think that you deserve a second chance.
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