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April 17th, 2012, 01:18
They're going to get pretty close to 3 million (adding in Paypal). Also, over the past two months kickstarter's share of pledges looks to be in the neighborhood of their entire first 2 years of shares combined. I wish I owned a stake in that company - wow.

They're going at about a rate of 100 dollars a minute - though it is likely to change as different time zones go to sleep and others wake up. But at the current rate they'd end just about 60k short of 3 million (kickstarter and paypal combined.) Since that rate is going to fluctuate like crazy, this is just a rougher-than-rough guess though. Still, it's going to be really close. Hope they make it - for the sake of more funding but also because "over 3 million" will probably generate more coverage and find itself in more headlines than "just shy of 3 million."

EDIT: Err it's picked up a little bit, still going to be close but over 3 million is looking more and more likely.
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