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Default Grim Dawn - Kickstarter Launched

April 17th, 2012, 22:24
Alright so right now I'm excited about

RPG(and RPG-ish) Kickstarters:
Wasteland 2 (Closed and funded - can still pre-order at a discount)
Shadowrun Returns (Still open, goal met)
Banner Saga (Still open, goal met)
Grim Dawn (Open and getting pledges pretty quickly
FTL - Space Combat Rougelike (2000% funded and nearing release)

Big-publisher backed RPGs (and RPG-ish) games:
Risen 2 (despite the strange number of day-1 content DLCs)

Ow, my wallet!

For those who have any interest in Rouge-likes, I do suggest checking out FTL even though it's well past the funding period. In addition to looking really interesting, it's an example of how these balooning projects can end up creating a decent number of jobs; in this case the Shanghai based team (of multiple nationalities themselves) ended up hiring a couple more employees including an American based composer. When these things get supported it ends up creating jobs and prosperity for independent engineers and creative designers that cross international borders.
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