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April 19th, 2012, 05:14
I wonder if Skyrim's success caught Bethesda off guard and they decided to go full expansion or significantly increase the size of their upcoming DLCs?
Well Todd had said a while back before the game was released that they were going to shoot for DLC being between Shivering Isles and Point Lookout in terms of "size" and more recently that "size" could mean more mechanics in addition to places, people, things to do. If anything cought them off guard, it might be how well it sold on all three platforms (I suspect they predicted the Xbox 360 version would dominated sales even more than it did.) The principle reason I suggest that is because they had signed an agreement that means that DLC will be released 30 days sooner for the Xbox 360 than other platforms. The second reason I think this is that they have released a greater density (fixes per work week) of PC specific bugfixes than I think they have with any of their other recent games. This suggests to me that the PC sales warranted a greater post-launch support budget in proportion to its pre-launch platform-specific quality assurance budget. That's just speculation on my part though.
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