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April 19th, 2012, 08:58
Oh I like the setting. Right up my alley really.

I also like the art direction in the cinematic, because it is less overbearingly the HL2/Bioshock mix I've seen in the screens that have surfaced a while back. It actually seemed to have a more even and somewhat more individual look there, but you know its what in the game that counts and we yet have to see this conclusively. I hope I have it all wrong from those couple of screens but they show me a look that for me does not fit this setting as well as it/they fit the aforementioned games.

Art direction aside (which is a very big issue as mood and atmosphere will be as a big deal with this as they were with the Thief games, I suspect), the gameplay is my biggest unknown (and possible meh) bit. If it is more thief (and it does sound like thief in bits but all we got thus far is lots of talk ) then sign me up. If its the gimmicky AC/Bioshock mix that is implied by this trailer then don't even bother with a demo

Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Cool cinematic. Do we know anything about it beyond the info on the website? It doesn't really seem like an RPG. The previously mentioned "steam punk Assassin's Creed" description seems fairly accurate based on the little info I've seen so far.
If I was to hazard a guess I would say it is going to be as much RPG as DMoMM was
Unfortunately for Arkane the goodwill created by Arx only translates to one forgettable (but still fun for most of a single playthrough) action game. They sorta need to sell me on this one…
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