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April 19th, 2012, 11:00
Wow some very cool looking games there, I'm definitely going to check out Battle for Wesnoth first and then maybe work through the list a bit.

For anyone trying to get gemrb going this is the thread I found most helpful.


alx3apps' reply was the best install guide I found. I managed to get Icewind Dale working with it and it seems to run smooth as, my problem was getting a resolution that looked good and yet didn't leave the buttons/text too small (maybe a stylus would help?) but very keen to see what BG:EE plays like with more built in touchscreen controls.

If gemrb keeps crashing also check the possible problems in the same post, I had to take the taskbar into account for my tablet (1280x800 crashes, 1280x750 works fine).
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