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April 19th, 2012, 11:47
Next – dialogue morality bars tied to your character’s power with no middle ground that gives you equal empowerment. It removes any interest or awareness of the conversation beyond trying to hit the button that says “choose Good side or Bad side.” When that happens, I feel like you’re in danger of losing the RPG experience because you’re not reacting like you would naturally based on the context of the situation, you’re “gaming” the system instead of role-playing it.
This is what bothers me about BioWare's retarded wheel-dialog system. That's a binary system with nothing interesting about it. Up is for the ultimate good, down is for the BioWare's notion of ultimate evil (which in fact, is good, but a very rude kind of good), and middle is for the jackass, which is basically a good guy who is trying to be funny.

This dialog system has been designed to serve a certain group of people: the people who don't like to read dialog and don't care about it. Playing Bioware games is easy for them. They point to top-right and they're the good guys. Point to it bottom right and now, they're the tough guys. They don't have time to read and they don't like to think, so BioWare makes it easy for them.

For the players who actually enjoy dialog, and think meaningful dialog and important decisions are an integral part of RPGs… BioWare has a nice label for them. The haters. I sure hope Avellone will not be labeled a hater.
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