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April 20th, 2012, 01:43
Let’s see. The concept of High Fantasy bugs me. I’d love to take a high fantasy game, fuck it up and then dump the wreckage in a player’s lap to experience. This probably also explains my desire to knock cupcakes and ice cream cones out of kid’s hands.
Hey! What's wrong with High Fantasy setting?

Conversation mechanics also bore me and frustrate me. I feel like dialogues have been devolving as time goes on, and the idea of being placed in a paralyzing face-to-face conversation with limited interactivity doesn’t seem to be the way to move ahead with this system.
I agree with that though. I'm really getting tired of Bioware wheel mechanic. Same goes with full voice acting of protagonist/companion. Those really limits the dialogue options. Wheel mechanic not only limits number of dialogue options but its vague as hell, I'm so annoyed of my Shep/Hawke saying things I didn't expect them to say. And full voice acting…. it sometimes really takes away imagination from you (although, I love Jennifer Hale's voice acting) and it really limits number of dialogue options available. Can you imagine game like Torment being fully voiced? Not a chance.

What else: Handholding.
Hmm… this one is tough for me. I hate the roaming around big world without much clue of where to go but I also hate marker flashing telling me exactly where to go.

I’ve been part of at least three that have been canceled (Van Buren/Fallout 3 at Black Isle, BG3 at Black Isle, and the most recent game at Obsidian, although I wasn’t working directly on that outside of reviewing design elements).
Thank God BG3 was cancelled then… and I still don't want BG3 *sits down with stubborn expression*
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