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April 20th, 2012, 06:59
Based on some recent feedback I have to clarify an important thing:

Many people think that "having been written and scripted" means it's only on paper like a storyboard or something.

Nope. It's not the case.

It actually means that the entire story of the game has been programmed so that you can actually play it in the Aurora Toolset. This covers character training based on received XP, all the conversations, quest phases (journal entries), skill/attribute/item checks, rewards, finding and using plot items and many many other things that could be programmed. From the very beginning to the very end.
Converting this data to our actual game engine (Unity 3D) and setting it up for the real game is part of the development, but it's just a few months of work. The most time consuming and labor-intensive work is creating the models and animations.
I hope this helps.
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