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April 20th, 2012, 13:21
I would not die of shock or anything if that turned out to be true.

Remember that the Plant Lod on #1 was not set to win any awards either (some shockingly low res textures changing to the normal ones. Vurt's texture pack ameliorates that issue too, to some degree)

This one though seems so weird and surreal I could not but assume it is some configuration/tweaking issue of the used Algorithm. It happens right next to your char and it weirdly seems to replace a larger with a smaller texture of not very noticeable different quality (also happened to ground geometry very close)

It boggles the mind that instead of upping texture resolution for the algorithm from #1 they would implement something like this… Very immersion breaking.

I just hope those rumors are false

I would very much prefer either worse framerate or generally lesser but even gfx quality to this…
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