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April 20th, 2012, 14:29
Difficult. I will very likely be away the following week, too.
And that most likely includes Friday aswell.
As far as the plans are right now, I'll return on next Saturday or on next Sunday.

This evening I could join you, apart from that.

Yesterday night (local time) I barely managed to "farm" enough favour points to get enough together so that I could buy another adventure pack that was on sale - and I decided for the "Devil Assault". I guess I hit the "buy" button in the last minute or so - at least it felt for me this way. They had already all of the new discounted items in it as well.
Which means that I now have 1000 Favour Points, thus Veteran Status.

Another thing : I need some help for Necro1 - the "Tomb of the Burning Heart". There are 4 people needed, and I have only 1 hireling so far. I think it was Jm who gave me the idea in the chat to use gold seal hirelings. I've never done it so far, but the idea sounds interesting. In principle low-level hirelings could do the trick as well, and the Tomb is level 5, if I recall correctly.

So, if anyone sees me online and wants to do some questing - just ask me.
I usually respond immediately, except when I'm deep within a fight.

I won't be available during the weekend of May 5th & 6th (Saturday & Sunday), and very likely the Friday before that as well, since I want to get up early on Saturday. It's the RPC, the "Role Play Convention" here. And they still don't have any English-language web page. Probably stupidity or lazyness.
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