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April 20th, 2012, 13:46
I wrote the last update ages ago, so it's about time for something new:

The screenie above features the brand new portrait for Annie. It's one of the first portraits made by our new graphics talent Johanna Sundström (She's really nice to work with, here's her portfolio). See if you can spot the other new portraits in the game! There's one that's visible already in the beginning of the demo. Another new feature in the current version is the possibility to toggle the reading speed of the ingame texts through the ingame options. The default has been increased from 100 words per minute to 125.

Based on the playtimes our players have sent us, I should also tune the playtime estimate of the current alpha up a little. The playtime varies considerably from player to player, but for most of them, it's been between about 6 and 11 hours (but there's also been some people who've spent around 20 hours on the current adventure, wow). Naturally, that doesn't include the playtime for the rest of the Driftmoon adventure, nor for any of the mods.

We've made some really cool plans for the end-plot of the game, but obviously I can't reveal too much about them… Right now we're working hard on thinking up all the conversations for Nomon Docks, the area following the monastery, which means it should be finished soon! There are a few more areas left to complete after that, but not too many now - and we're apparently picking up speed. We've also started making more detailed plans for the enhanced skill tree. AND should you want to save some money, do remember to order your own discount code by starting the demo!

Oh yeah, those of you new to Driftmoon might be happy to get the link to our trailer from January. It doesn't have all the newest features, but it should give you a relatively good idea of Driftmoon anyway.

And here are the links to all the previews written about Driftmoon so far - the ones that we know of anyway:
The one by lazyassgamer is from February. Fanboydestroy and indiegamereviewer wrote theirs in March. We're very happy they've had such fun with Driftmoon. Hope you enjoy it too! Your feedback and ideas are warmly welcomed, as always.
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