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April 20th, 2012, 16:55
It can be done by buying two gold seal hirelings from the DDO store, and parking one each on the pads. You can call them to you after the gates open, thus having effectively a full group for the rest of the run. You have to use the store-bought Gold-seals though, as you can only have 1 regular vendor-purchased hireling at a time. You can have a full group of Gold seal hirelings.

Not my favorite quest chain, but no where near as loathed as NecroIII, which I advise you never, ever buy. Especially now that the devs have broken Blade Barrier, which was the only way to run one of the quests in a reasonable time frame.

They probably figure not too many English-speakers are going to travel to Germany for a role playing convention. And those who would, can probably speak enough German to get by. At least the curse words.
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