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April 23rd, 2012, 12:06
Have you guys played Wakfu yet? What about your favourite class?
For me, Of those classes, I love Sacrier’s Blood. First of all, I love the way Sacriers
look, maybe a little odd but still cute for me. In addition, they in general are one of the best group classes, whose cooperation is excellent. They won't hesitate to give up their lives for their allies. I had an Air Sac as my first character, which I like manipulating the battle field to my team's benefit, and having general knowledge of all classes and what they are capable of doing. As for 1v1 fight, although their role is above all to take blows for the team, they are good on the attack. Where the fighting is hottest, they can also stand in for other warriors and take damage in their place. Above all, I am used to have a class which is both useful in a group and on my own. Sacriers are just kind of my type.
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