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April 23rd, 2012, 22:27
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
It's just for certain cinematics. For the example the first one after escaping from the prison, before getting to Flotsam. The one narated by Dandelion.

This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raT_1gbWeng

Did it work for you with 16:10? On mine and other people's 16:10 resolutions it didn't.
Thanks for the link! So that's what I missed last night . I'm playing on a 16:10 screen as well and as I said above I was wondering about the screen staying black sometimes while I could hear the narration.
I really wish they would finally fix this as I seem to remember that the game has always had issues with a 16:10 resolution.
My second no. 1 wish or my no. 1 second wish would be an option to change the field of view. It seems rather narrow. I got a slight headache and very mild nausea after playing for ~5 hours last night. I never get sick from games unless they have a FoV below 75 or something like that so I'm suspecting TW2 of being somewhere just around that value.
The third wish (and fourth and fifth and sixth… ) would be more responsive controls, an option to zoom out just a little further, better focusing of items that can be manipulated or picked up and a slightly larger font for item descriptions and some of the ambient dialogue.
Kind of sad that an awesome game like this is somewhat tainted with quite a lot of annoying technical issues *sigh*…
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