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April 24th, 2012, 01:40
Monster Hunter Tri is a pretty cool game. I'm only about 6 hours in but it's been fun so far. You hunt monsters (duh) and gather resources and items. There's not much story but it's more about the gameplay and the challenge of hunting various monsters and doing the different quests that keeps you going. The various monsters are great though, they vary in size and type, there's carnivores, herbivores, insects, all types. And there's some huuuuuge monsters too. I ran across something enormous that I couldn't possibly kill yet, so I had to run away. But just seeing it in the distance was pretty awesome, until it started coming for me and the music got all gnarly. It was pretty epic. Very cool game though with a ton of potential. I would say to check it out when you don't feel like playing something story heavy and just want a change of pace. It's good in short bursts. But at the same time, it's also a pretty hardcore game from what I've read, and a long game at over 100 hours easily. But yeah, I recommend it! Oh, and I play with the Classic Controller Pro for that game, based on some recommendations from others. Haven't even tried it with the Wii remote to comment on that control scheme. It plays pretty well with the Classic Controller Pro though.
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