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April 26th, 2012, 12:48
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
And then they have to go and fuck it up because they couldn't put together a decent 3rd person engine. Not fair *sigh*. Seriously, if this game had the same working, lag-free 3rd person gameplay as other 3rd person games like the Gothics or Risen or Divinity DKS then -as I said up above- 'RPG of the Decade' material. For me at least.
I had several criticisms for the W2 despite voting it as RPG of the year. Serious problems with the engine (except for a very control specific bug and targetting as of 1.3), lag, etc were not among them though… Never had cinematic DOF on btw, It kills framerate iirc (the effect is nice although a bit ott some times)… Certainly prefer the kind of freedom of movement (and sometimes unrealistically fast animations ) of other engines though…

Also I totally agree with JDR, Atmosphere was significantly inferior to #1(*) for me (and did not hold a candle to Gothic 1 imo).

Great game though.

(* Otoh I have not really played the EE yet though and I wonder if it is possible that they tweaked and improved stuff to the degree that this area was actually improved.
It is amazing what a few audio/visual enhancements and adding some ambiense to improve the liveliness of the world can do some times. Just try Stalker Shoc with and without the Complete mod to see what I mean )
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