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April 26th, 2012, 15:59
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Haven't tried running anything but my anti-virus anti-spyware suite yet. And that program is finding nothing, even when running a diagnostic scan and having it looked at by their tech support. Should I still run Malwarebytes?

Unfortunately the problem has gotten so bad now I can't even open my browsers. If I open Firefox, the program simply won't open no matter how many times I click it (had this problem forever now, even before my computer started crashing). Then finally it starts to open but my computer crashes. If I open Internet Explorer for some reason it won't connect to the internet and I just get endless "page not found" errors. If I open Chrome it doesn't even connect to anything and I just get a blank screen to look at. So I don't know what to do. I guess I will have to reformat or something. IF I can even find my start-up disc. I don't remember where I threw that box.

How do I remove flash and java and re-install?
You can remove both from the control panel under add/remove programs. However, with all the problems you're having, it might be a good idea to attempt a system restore back to before the problems first started appearing. This assumes that you have system restore turned on and backups available.

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