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April 26th, 2012, 17:52
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
I'm not sure what they changed in the EE in Flotsam since I've only played some of the prologue of the non-EE version but I'm getting serious Gothic 1 old camp vibes from this game. More than any other game since the Gothics (including Risen) has given me.
Some quick brainstorming off the top of my head: The ambience is just plain awesome with the campfires, stray cats and dogs, dead people lying around in the woods giving an accurate impression of a warzone, ducks and geese in the villages, people having a drink and smoking a pipe at the campfire at night, guards getting drunk, vomiting and taking a piss when they've had a few too many, drunk people singing drunken songs in the street, the brothel with the prostitutes
Most of these things were there already from #1. Some were missing from #2 initially but were added back (peaceful animals and other flavor touches it seems) and even tweaked apparently. The world ambiance was already there mostly, even before the EE and it seems that both games are very good at it (#2 might be better now in an incremental sort of way ?).

What I was referring to was overall game mood and atmosphere. Part 1 was more dark and Gothic, the pacing was less hectic and let you linger and steep in the tight atmosphere, the soundscape and music was also better and helped a lot. Finally it had a certain beautiful interlude chapter steeped in dark folklore and possessing of a unique character not found in any part of #2. Part 2 was more like a high powered war epic (sort of a bioware type game done right ) Even Flotsam did not have the dark gothic forest vibe I would expect from the dark (balcan) folklore background of the Witcher world… Still very good and atmospheric of course…

Of course I'll have to play again see how it feels this time too. Adding back the little bits of ambiance is indeed very welcome (I smiled to see the pigeons in the Vergen save I loaded to check it out )

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
For me it's the complete opposite. I liked the first game but the slow start on the outskirts of Vizima did put me off initially and I played the game in segments over a few months. It never really managed to grab me and pull me right in.
That may have to do something with it. Playing a game in bits makes it impossible for me to get in the mood. But in the end imo Games = Art (especially for games like the witcher) so nothing is more proper and natural that each of us would experience them in different ways.
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