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April 26th, 2012, 21:48
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
I was hoping the performance would've improved (since they use some new faster shader function now) but i think it seems a bit worse actually from 1.74.
Stuttering is most certainly improved for me. Far from eliminated mind you, but I did a simple before/after test in the game start and there is a noticeable improvement. while running around from Ardea to the rebel camp to the orc fire camp. Loading is in the same places but now produces a mild hickup in comparison to the minor stall it did before. Definetely smoother… (did both runs 3 times)

Apart from that the visual improvement is not staggering but more subtle and very welcome. Textures were sharpened in several cases and the new lighting and shadowing makes the world look much less plastic and have more depth. Original settings though were too bright! I had to put gamma in -22% and brightness at -8%.

Performance hit was more substantial than I expected(*). I ran 50-60 in the opening melee to 110-130 running around the area pre 1.75. That dropped to 40-50 and 90 to 110 something afterwards but still comfortably playable. (sub a couple of more fps if you force 16AF from the control panel like I do)
(* I believe its the shadowing more than anything else)

Don't know If I am going to use color grading but it is interesting and so are the new
poisoned and "damaged" effects…

All in all, like it!

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