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April 27th, 2012, 00:39
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
The small pauses occured very frequently now, they're short but it's annoying that they happen so often, takes you out of the experience. Standing still in one place and then rotating the camera around my character would freeze the screen, every 3-4 seconds or so. You'd think after a while it would have loaded everything in memory and it would be smooth, but no..
I have exactly the same problem. Clean install (GOG version which is IIRC already 1.6), patch 1.75 and nothing else. No mods and no whatever is 4GB_something.
Vsync on, didn't help. Lowered very high to high, didn't help. Didn't mess with .ini yet or something… And I can't believe this is happening. It actually feels like the game is loading something when I rotate or move around. Maybe I should lower things visible in distance?
Hmmm… I'll see it there is an update for the gfx card driver (GTX560), but I really don't think that's the problem as we're talking about 6 years old game and other, newer games, work flawlessly…

Except those frequent stutters, I haven't noticed anything bad yet.

Got the latest nvidia beta driver, set max FPS on 60, lowered details to low, lowered the resolution to 1280x800, nothing helps. In every open area movement forward and rotation causes stutters.

Finally stutters are brought to probably lowest possible level. Even when I returned back graphics settings (only left the 60FPS max in the ini because I really don't care about more). I did just as vurt - set the gothic3 process priority through task manager on high.
During the rotation I don't feel the game pauses at all, it has however a milisecond pause now and then when I'm moving for a while in one direction.
But seriously, I don't remember G3 behaved like this when I played it ages ago.
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