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April 27th, 2012, 01:19
Asides from not everyone burning points on supreme tomes, remember that even Rhogu, with the Fighter splash, had some difficulties in dealing with traps until the skills were caught up. You want to run elite, then we HAVE to have max ranks in Disable and Search at minimum. Spot, maybe Jo can remember every trap in the game and negate the need for it. I prefer to have that insurance however, because I certainly don't remember them all. Concentration is required for casters, whether divine or arcane, or oddballs like the Artificer.

Dte, we haven't really ran with CC period. Jm and Corwin's Wizards were nukers, my Sorc was obviously a nuker with a bit of Death mixed in. Corwin's Sorc the same.

I did some CC on Aerii, back in the day, but divines' CC options are limited. JM has been doing some as well.

Your build, assuming it was the one I hacked together with the dual Necro/Enchant focus, is probably the best CC-capable Wizard we've got. So of course, you swing a great axe most of the time.
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