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April 27th, 2012, 11:46
What does the term "CC" mean here ?

I did a small tour with JM yesterday using skype (sorry, Peter, that I ignored you, it was so much occupied in trying to get everything into work, maybe later) and I explained her Smuggler's Rest (the actual entry to Crystal Cve) a bit. Was fun. Although my char died 3-4 times.

This area is insofar much different in that

- there is no soul stone
- there is no explicite "release" button - only in a dialog box that pops up every now an then
- gear doesn't get damaged that much at all during deaths - in contrast to "normal" in-quest dying

The guilde I liked above explains everything very nicely. This is also a good occation to get a pirate hat.

A short summary of everything to expect :

- Get to "Smuggler's Rest" through talking a seafaring dwarf at the harbour
- once arrived, talk to Euphonia (what a name !!!) to get the needed information
- go out slaying pirates
- pirates won't attack you until you've attacked them !
- they drop Dubloons (I call them just "Coins") in Bronze, Silver, Gold variations
- they drop Treasure Map Pieces
- they *rarely* drop a Compass ! You are lucky when you that that one ! - Becaue
- you need a compass to get to Crystal Cove, that's required
- you can get only to Cryslat Cove when you have given the required amount of Treasure Map Pieces into he wooden "barter box" of Euphonia (she tells you in a dialog box how much she needs of them until she can "set sail")
- at Crystal Cove, you collect Crystals via the help of Kobold Workers much like in the crystal mining challenges of House Cannith
- the second barter box [which looks like some sort of hat, too] of Euphonia is there to "sell" you pirate hats and upgrades to them (and originally special invitations from a DDO birthday many years ago)
- the wooden barter box can "sell" you weapons & upgrades to them
- I heard that Crystal Cove is able to give you "epic" crafting things (?) - can't prove it (wasn't there yet).

By the way, it turned out that my headset sounds a bit "muffled" because it sounds very low in tone. Which means to me that I sometimes can't understand you on skype that good.

Edit : To quote Genesis : "All Change !" (From their "Supper's Ready") : http://forums.ddo.com/showpost.php?p…11&postcount=1
Reading : The Expansion (formerly called "XPack1") is ot called "Update 14",
and the formerly called "Update 14" is now called "Update 15".
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