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April 27th, 2012, 15:51
Can you dodge at the beginning of the game? I was told to 'dodge from the boar' when it attacked - but double tapping directional keys etc doesn't seem to work. At the moment all I can do is turn around an run…sure I could dodge in Risen 1.

@joxer - the popping I'm talking about is really noticeable for me (GTX 480, latest beta drivers). I see plants flicker and then appear in the distance, objects (logs, pots etc - but not all) appear 10m in front of me (some object-based appearance LOD value etc). I have now tweaked the INI file slightly, so the game runs more slowly but I get much less of the popping appearing. As for the plant shrinking thing - I don't like it at all Maybe they intended that it looks that way, but I know a fair bit about graphics tech/LOD etc and that just looks a buggy LOD implementation. But it is odd that only happens on some foliage…Still, I'm having fun.

Another note: any idea how to pass time? I couldn't find a bed to sleep and had to run all the way back to the ship to sleep (!)
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