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April 29th, 2012, 03:06
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
It's not the same as GW1, which I personally lament; however, there is a completely new system in place. Depending on which weapon you currently have equipped, you have access to 5 distinct skills. Swap to another weapon and you have 5 other skills. In addition, you also get a set of 5? utility skills common across all weapon types that you pick and choose from a skill window.

It's a completely different system than what's become the tired and boring norm of late, of have 20,30,40 skills all on your skill bar, all at once, but typically long cooldowns.
A little more explanation if you don't mind…
Is the weapon->skill set thing per weapon or per weapon type? For example, I'm naked. I find a copper shortsword on the ground. Does it already have 5 pre-set skills there that I can't change? or is it empty and I assign 5 of my skills to that weapon (I'm guessing relevant to the weapon type?).
And after that, I keep walking. People stare at me and I wonder why, until I realize I'm a naked dude walking with a sword. Then I find a bronze shortsword. Again, is it empty? does it have the same skills as the copper because they're both shortswords? or do I assign 5 different skills to it?
A little ashamed of being naked, I tie my old copper sword to my waist to somewhat cover my private part. I keep walking, and find a sling. Again, does it come empty of skills, do I assign a new different set (and are skills related to the weapon so the skills I can assign to the sling are a different set than the ones I assign shortswords?).
About the 5 common skills not weapon-related. Can I change them at will or do I have to go back to town and reset the adventure like in GW1?
Luckily, before submitting this post I found a bikini chainmail so no more naked questions.
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