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April 29th, 2012, 07:24
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
You can name your savegames.
Like I said, the explorer version, not in-game. Naming a savegame in-game will not give it a name in the savegame folder, it's still just a number. I don't want to manually delete 1200 savegames in-game.

Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
You can also check the "date modified" and save games are numbered from 0000 to xxxx anyway so the last/latest ones are usually the ones with the highest number.
I have a SSD so I like to keep it clean as well. I just backed up my save games folder to my internal backup HD and manually deleted ~2.7GB of save games, only keeping the most recent five. That was a matter of 30 seconds (if that) so it's not really a problem .
Yes, I know. Right now, that means keeping savegame numbers above 1200. However, I also want to keep a few named savegames that I created early on - after the first few islands, before any significant choices were made. Similar to a pre-joining-a-camp save in Gothic 1 and 2.

Saves me the first five hours when I'm replaying, as I'm bound to do exactly the same stuff all over again.

Anyway, I should be able to find it by checking when the save was made, then deleting saves before and after it.

I just passed 7,5 GB of saves by the way. Someone at PB honestly didn't think of the consequences of not re-saving auto and quick saves.
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