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April 29th, 2012, 21:42
+1 Tomes can drop out of any level 10 or up chest or end reward. +2's out of 14 or higher. I also run mostly with loot gems going, which means at least I get somewhat better loot than most of you do. I think, JM seems to think the gems work for the entire group. I've never paid enough attention to be able to tell. +3's supposedly drop unbound now as well, but it's level 21+, meaning you have to do epics to get a chance at them right now, or the very few level 20 quests on elite/with a loot gem going.

They are rare drops, save for out of raids. You can get bound to character tomes relatively easily, +2's out of Vault of Night or Demon Queen, or presumably Titan though no one likes Restless Isles enough to run that, and it has no loot.

+3/+4 tomes are the rare ones, even bound. You can only start seeing +3's in bound form out of Elite Abbot or Reaver's Fate raids, and +4's only drop in Elite Tower of Despair. Rarely, the festival coin turn ins can result in +4 tomes; someone on Khyber auctioned off a +4 STR tome during the last run. With tomes now staying through TR's, I bet that person is kicking themselves now.
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