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April 30th, 2012, 09:26
Exp gain +% is only for creatures killed; majority of exp comes from quest events, which are unaffected by any modifier as far as I know.

It's a big game. HUGE game. And, with 80 levels, you'd really have to get creative to not know how to play your class regardless of whatever you bought yourself in terms of bonuses.

While I'm already addressing the heathenish scourge of microtransactions, I'd also like to mention that not once did I run into anything that required a store transaction - no locked content, abilities, etc..

One thing that can get real annoying in big team efforts is that you end up feeling like a cog instead of a player. You get assigned your role before the battle starts…
There are no roles whatsoever in GW2. While certain classes can heal or tank or CC better than others, each can do a bit. And enemies tend to hit so hard that it takes smart and evasive control of your character, regardless of who is on your team.

Overall, a wonderful beta experience for me. The GW2 Facebook is all aglow from similar comments. The game is just so fresh in terms of MMO gameplay.

…the one bad thing? There's a lot that seems unfinished. Some cinematic voiceovers missing, vendors not selling what they're labeled to sell, not to mention some balance issues (my hope for the engineer class was severely dashed by being so underpowered). Anyway, it's beta afterall, but therein lies my disappointment - I was yearning for a June release, but I foretell a Q3/Q4 launch instead
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