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April 30th, 2012, 10:33
Well, I've been in beta for a few months. It's not my kind of MMO at all - but I can see how it can be really great for a large amount of people.

It seems they've taken much of what's bad about the genre and removed it. That's nice, but ultimately - they haven't actually replaced it with anything. So, you're left with less BAD stuff and less stuff overall.

To me, this translates to a relatively shallow experience with limited longevity. But I know that lots of people enjoy the kind of structured and instanced PvP on show - where the numbers are more important than the individual. It's not my kind of competition, but I can see the appeal. I still doubt even fans of that kind of PvP can be happy with WvW indefinitely, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

The story, so far, is pretty forgettable. Bad dialogue and super cliché characters, etc. SWtOR was much better in this way (the only really good part of that game) - and I certainly wouldn't play GW2 for the story.

Oh well… ArcheAge is the only MMO that has me excited at this point.




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