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April 30th, 2012, 10:43
I went on voodoo side - in that case you get Chani as a companion. She heals you if you're on low health. And she does that even if she isn't in the party (for example you return to the ship while on low health).
Venturo is not available in that case and I really don't miss him - there are several reviews that describe him as "overpowered". He'll just be stated in the port drinking beer and admiring your success.

For others I don't know. I'm about 20 hours in the game and after I got the ship I went back to Caldera. Since I've looted every single chest there, solved every single quest there, I've even used voodoo on the corrupted council member to get the council vote against Mara although that was not necessary but was really fun seeing lines you make while being (inside) him. And trust me, there is no recruitable companion in Caldera, at least not that early in the game.
Didn't visit other islands yet, next one I'll go will be Antigua.

Ah, the sword coast, I cleared it whole again (looted chests that I couldn't the first time, brought the monkey with me for levers, etc, mobs were respawned so it was some nice XP/glory booster) and no, there is no other recruitable character apart the cook and Venturo/Chani. It is however possible that later in the game some additional character becomes recruitable, but this early in the game… There is none.
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