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April 30th, 2012, 11:13
Cunning is probably the most important in this game so don't listen to him. I'm not even near the game end, I've cleared only 3 areas (first two islands and then went back to Caldera) and now my thievery is 90 so I've backtracked all chests I couldn't open before. Pickpocket although expensive earns you some nice cash later and I can't say I had some problems on buying anything I want, for example you saw in the first tavern you were in that you need to pay 2000 coins for +10 silver tongue mirror, not a problem, then you find in the Caldera shop another such item (not spoiling this one) which is a must have, again I had enough cash on me. Selling warthog/jaguar skins, bowls, candlesticks and etc simply can't earn you enough cash. At least not enough to buy just anything.
Not to mention that you need IIRC cunning at least 4 to be able to loot (some) temples. You can't transform into bug in Risen 2, but you can, if your cunning ain't low, to move through holes in the wall use… Well…

27 hours Maylander, I really don't know how you did it. I'm 20 hours in the game and still haven't set a foot on 4th location.

Ah, I went swords and voodoo, not muskets as Maylander did. And honestly I have a hard time with some enemies - aligators for example. I do use a pistol for some additional burst damage, but it's reload is very slow and while you can outrun some enemies till you're able to shoot again, aligators are faster than you so either you'll use plenty of grog or you'll bring a party member to distract aligators. I'm playing on normal and wanted to solo areas, and generally it isn't a mission impossible - but on aligators I had to bring a party member. Without tons of rum or grog, also groups of ghouls are impossible to kill solo, not to mention the grave spider which was so far the hardest enemy (even the undead guardian you meet in the tomb behind that spider looks like a baby compared to the spider).
The damage you make with swords is not bad at all, but your low health is the real problem. Perhaps I should have invested some more into toughness and not so much in blades.
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