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April 30th, 2012, 13:38
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
So "mutton-face" is merely descriptive? An objective obeservation? It doesn't matter. Since her looks are irrelevant, KapitanUnterhose disqualifies himself all the same.
Are you living in a fantasy world where how a woman looks and uses her looks is irrelevant?

The reason we know her name and so many appreciate her, is because she's moderately attractive. If she'd been ugly - she would have been ridiculed away - and if she was beautiful - she'd never be taken seriously.

You may not like that part of our world (I certainly don't) - but I find that pretending it's not relevant laughably removed from reality.

Making things personal is another way of disqualifying yourself. It's very common on the Internet. You try to discuss me instead of my opinion. Probably because you have nothing interesting to say about the matter at hand.
It depends on the circumstances. I will agree that the observation was not necessary, but it was not altogether irrelevant to the problem of modern journalism and Bioware in particular. It seemed to underline how superficial everything they do actually is.




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