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April 30th, 2012, 12:59
Originally Posted by Raggie View Post
Sorry, I confused you with KapitanUnterhosen.

Still, I don't agree Felicia Day's main attribute is her looks. I didn't play DAII but AFAIK the Tallis add-on (which she also wrote) was better-received than the main game. I thought the few episodes of The Guild I've seen were funny, and she wrote them too. Felicia Day, like a lot of females in this industry, can't help it if the gaming press wants to concentrate in their looks and forget about the things they've actually *done*. And it certainly shouldn't be used as an excuse to start posting nasty remarks about their appearance online. That's just bad behaviour.
I'm not saying it's her main attribute in objective terms. I'm saying her looks are directly tied to her popularity - whether we like it or not.




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