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April 30th, 2012, 14:13
Originally Posted by Raggie View Post
I don't argue that. I just argue that it's not an excuse to start calling her a mutton-face.
In my world, you don't need an excuse to express an opinion. Especially not on a public forum meant to share thoughts and opinions.

I will say, however, that I don't agree that she has a "mutton-face" as I understand the term.

She's a cute looking girl, to my mind.

Can't say I think much of "The Guild" or anything she's done that I'm aware of. It seems to be pretty trivial entertainment with absolutely no depth or significant contribution to gaming. But I admit, I don't follow news on her or what she does.

Incidentally, I think of Bioware in similar terms. Good looking games with little depth or contribution to gaming. In fact, I think they're hurting the art - but that's just my subjective position.




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