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April 30th, 2012, 14:31
Originally Posted by Raggie View Post
We live in different worlds, then. And how do you know Felicia day isn't reading? It's a public forum and she's a gamer. Nobody here writes with their real names. As far as you know, *I* could be her.
There's no reason to expect it.

In that same way, I can't see how it would be bad manners to express a negative opinion about someone you don't expect to be listening - only to find that they're standing in the next room without you knowing about it.

Having a negative opinion about how a person looks is not only natural, it's inevitable. If it's "bad manners" to express that opinion when you're not expecting them to hear about it - then we do indeed live in different worlds.

ESPECIALLY if you're deliberately exposing yourself to the general public.




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