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April 30th, 2012, 13:52
@huggster and joxer
Yes, cunning is worth it. Looting is practically impossible without it. However, it is a huge investment and will leave you lacking in combat (for some time), as it takes a lot of glory points and gold to really get it going.

However, I wouldn't take cunning above rank 8 (including a legendary item that boosts it by 1, so 7 as max), as you can get both thievery 3 and silver tongue 3 then, which adds a grand total of 30 points each, giving you 70 points total (40 from the 8 cunning, 30 from skills). Add an item or two and you'll pass 90 without problems. Use a potion of thievery in the few cases where 95 or 100 is needed (I think I bumped into two such situations).

Hehe, probably Wednesday, but you never know.
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