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April 30th, 2012, 15:36
Originally Posted by SveNitoR View Post
Why not criticize Bioware for bad marketing then, or this woman for her work? Do you know the meaning of constructive criticism?

This place feels more like a forum to spew hatred lately, instead of discussing RPGs.
I hear what you're saying. But this goes too deep. Felicia Day has literally been designed into the game - with her real life looks 'n all- for nakedly exploitative reasons. This … 'cheapness' goes from publisher to studio head to lead designer … all the way down. She's actually the least 'involved'!

As to spewing hate - to paraphrase Laidlaw - he'd rather have 'hate' than 'silence'. Hate at least means people are still passionate. However good the Witcher 2 or TES:V may be, their combat is 90% based on reflexes, making them action games with RPG choices. However good Jeff Vogel (et al) is, his games need a bit more … spice and scale. Yes (mea maxima culpa) his games also need some 3D or cinematics or VA. Until recently BioWare was the only developer that came the closest in terms of fidelity to RPG conventions. The passion of the 'haters' is a (misguided) attempt to stop or slow their march into stale, rehashed, mainstream and away from RPG mechanics.
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