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April 30th, 2012, 16:58
Drithius already explained more. But in general the exp and karma boosts are like a mark you buy and use for 60 minutes for 50% increase on kills. It is true that most exp comes from quests though.

I can understand how people who are very competitive would find this annoying though, or those worried about player skill (although I find player skill is random even with time played). If your goal is to always be in the top 10% of being "first" in everything then it would be very annoying that people with both TIME and MONEY would be at an advantage, versus the more traditional issue of just those with time being at more of an advantage. It could also be a concern for PvP I suppose - as karma increases might help get better equipment faster.

However for me it was a non-issue. I never rush to level or reach the end of a game so if people want to do that then that is their business and pleasure.

So while I am not keen on any cash involved in a game for MT (micro-transactions) I can ignore it as long as I can play the basic game. At least the game is for free, unlike Secret World where they are both going to charge you a monthly fee and have MT.

I happened to enjoy the story and characters a lot even if nothing to write home about. I don't expect great novels when playing a game, especially an MMO. I found the street rat quest line more indepth than the others though. While very cliche it was still fun and I liked that I had to decide between saving one or the many. At least I was finally given some options on making a choice.

I also found some nice new additions to the game, compared to many of the other MMO's I have played, so felt it was a nice balance overall. They do need to fix some of balance issues, especially in the personal story area.

This might count as a spoiler as I will compare some of the details in the level 8 Rogue quest. As my Ranger aced his level 8 without a death but my rogue died 11 times. Note: I managed to make level 8 sunday night after I wrote this preview.

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