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April 30th, 2012, 18:15
I'm really quite sad that the first beta event is over. I've found myself reading a couple beta forum posts and this one talks about something that really stood out to me in GW2, a feature that isn't typically quantified in reviews or other games (aside from something like PnP):

Just wanted to say that the dynamic events do really pull groups together and get people working together very well.
It was a lot of fun, working with a mob of random people, all working hard together to achieve the goal and hold ground … and when we finally took the place back there were cheers going up all around the camp. It was awesome.
I agree. This is absolutely phenomenal. For the first time EVER in an MMORPG I’m actually happy (and sometimes even relieved) to see other players around when questing. It also leads to a considerably better community with far less hostility. I’ve literally not seen any annoying behavior or chat in the game yet because here finally is a game which promotes cooperation rather than competition.
I felt the same way. There was great sense of camaraderie that I haven't felt in a long time within a game. Quest progress, mob experience - it's all shared, whether you're in a group or not. You'll often find yourself looking for the graphic effects going off in the distance as a homing beacon on where the action is.
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