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April 30th, 2012, 19:12
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You may of course discuss a person's appearance. But unless it's in the context of a beauty contest, the fact that you do will make people like me think less of you.

KapitanUnterhose made a comment about the interviewer, not about some game character. And I know nothing about MoTA or Talis; Dragon Age II was so bad that I haven't bothered taking in any information about any DLC.
I got the DLC through my cousin for free (yes, she works for the evil empire.) I wouldn't have paid for them myself though as I felt pretty dissappointed/underwhelmed by the original base game. Some of the DLC is actually rather good and more enjoyable/interesting than the base game itself but they don't really solve the late-game problems or the other issues a lot of people have with the game.

The first major post-launch DLC makes the otherwise ill-explained apparent stupidity of every major character in the city make somewhat more sense (that is not to say it is not hinted at otherwise, but it is done so very unconvincingly and without real pay-off without it.) The second major DLC is a fun romp with some interesting story telling and makes a good fleshed out side-adventure. They both also manage to avoid re-using the same 5 maps - something which was done somewhat shamelessly in the core game. Do I consider the core game + each DLC to be good value for money at the full price for each? Absolutely not, but all together they do offer acceptable value perhaps at a future reduced price.

If they release a compilation and it comes down to 30 USD or so, I'd say it would be worth playing for most people if you go into it understanding the flaws. I've complained about Geralt being captain oblivious at many points in the Witcher 2 but Hawke, by contrast, makes him look like Sherlock Holmes at times. Like the Witcher 2, you have to keep in mind that you're not playing a pen and paper RPG style character (one whose motivations and personality is more or less YOUR creation) but instead playing one of several possible Hawkes.

Unlike the Witcher 2, Hawke is not as well fleshed out and the optional list of behaviors are not necessarily as believable nor is the narrative as tightly plotted or divergent. Still, it can make for a fun choose-your-own-adventure style of RPG if you don't go in expecting more and are willing to push past plot holes and flawed characterizations among other things. There are certainly better games - in Bioware's own repitoire - but there are also far worse.

It's not entirely unenjoyable but I do completely understand feeling disappointment in it or regretting paying full 0-day price for it. A 30 dollar (or less) compilation edition though- I would consider that a worthwhile investment. It's not as good as some of the early reviews claimed by any stretch but I don't think it's as worthless as some of the strongest negative reactions would suggest either. It's somewhere in-between and is built from a mix of great and god-awful things; the good can be enjoyed despite the bad but it certainly is hard to overlook the bad if you go in expecting it to live up to the pre-launch press.
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