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April 30th, 2012, 20:13
Originally Posted by NFLed View Post
I'm surprised at the level of hatred in this web page for Bioware and only Bioware games.
Hey now, I've said plenty bad things about Bethesda, and I'm still not sure if I entirely trust InXile. Also I'm not sure If I agree with Vince from Irontower about how long it takes make a game "good", especially when he tirelessly defends every minor design decision on his forums. If the game is perfect and good to go right now, why will it take till 2013 to make it a good game?

Anyways, I've already had my say on Dragon Age. I just personally don't care for Gaider after a comment he made on the forums shortly after details about DA2 hit. Paraphrasing he said something like "Oh you guys do this every time. You just bash the game over irrelevant changes, and then just buy the game up and everybody loves it when it comes out." Just struck me as pretty arrogant, especially in the aftermath of how the game turned out, and how fans ended up thinking about the game. Those "irrelevant changes" ended up being pretty important to some people. But yes, the personal lives, and appearances of people don't really matter for me. However things they say as game designers, about game design is open for discussion as far as I'm concerned.
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