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Default Are there any mods that balance the combat out?

April 30th, 2012, 19:36
I would rather fight a mob of raging orcs then a pack of wolves. Fighting wolves is hard, and not in the regular fair way. You swing your sword at you and they keep jumping backwards making it almost impossible to kill them unless you back them into something. When they do attack you they just continuously stun lock you until you die. Which makes my time spent in Nordmar infuriating.

I have the latest Community Patch installed, with auto balancing off because I like being overpowered. I also have alternative AI off because I have no idea what it does.

Seeing as how most Gothic fans are a bunch of masochists for difficulty, I'm probably going to have a hard time finding a mod that makes fighting animals easier. (when I say animals, I mean mostly wolves.) But I might as well post here and see if anything turns up.
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