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April 30th, 2012, 23:09
I found the interview with David Gaider to be rather good, actually. Gaider explains how the writing process works, that it is a team effort, and how the different teams need to make compromises when working together to build or create a game.

As for the commens about Leliana please remember what Oghren said about the mountain and the holy ashes and don't rogues have the Feign Death ability….
Gaider - and the DA team - did promise us an explanation for why Leliana was not dead. And there is one, he said so on the forums a while back; it is not they're willing to give at the moment, though.

As for what people call Anders's retcon, I see this more of a character development arc (but maybe that's just the teacher in me trying to analyse and interpret the story arc for Anders ). If you look beneath Anders's humour in DA: Awakening, you'll see (or feel) the pain he feels for some reason, and that he really is using jokes as a means to cover his pain and sorrow. As soon as Anders merges with Justice, there is a slight variation in his behaviour, and at one point in DA2, Anders seem totally gone, and Justice has taken over. Why he does what he does is up for debate, still, in the DA2 forums. And it must have led to many discussions in the DA2 team at Bioware if they could do this? i.e. set the stage for what Anders did at the end of the DA2…

And personally, I don't see what all the fuzz is about how Felicia Day looks? Do we talk about how goodlooking Casey Hudson is. No, we don't. At least it isn't mentioned in the gaming press or in the gaming industry. Why then do we talk about Felicia Day and her looks?
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