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April 30th, 2012, 22:17
Originally Posted by Sukeban Cho View Post
Alright. That's fixed, in a way. Just go back to the original post and use the updated link.
Thanks again. As expected, the second part is much better to mind it 'sounds' more dramatic. Somehow our heroe becomes twice as much energetic than in the previous scene.

However, I would actually recommend to listen to the opera at least once while at the same time reading the libretto before going to a live presentation if you don't speak the language that particular opera is written in, unless the live presentation itself is using a translated libretto. While the powerful segments remain powerful, a lot of the fun is lost if you aren't following what is happening and have to make do with just the little synopsis they give you to read at the entrance.
Yes, thanks to your LP I've figured out that much. Figuring things out as the Opera goes without understanding what actors are saying even with the live-interpretation would be pretty daunting challenge. I picked Verdi because I liked what I've seen heard here. Already booked tickets for that 'La Traviata' performance in June. It turns out I have somehow found quite a sizeable bunch of people to enjoy the spectacle with.
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